Complex Care professionals provides a high quality of care within the domiciliary healthcare sector, focusing on bespoke complex care putting our clients’ needs first.

We aim to ensure every client feels valued and safe to achieve this we believe in investing time and training into our employees and making them feel valued will achieve the best standards of care that our clients deserve, and a job satisfied workforce.

Complex care was founded with passion and care and a focused objective to deliver high quality bespoke care with a family feel by and investing in our employees to ensure they feel valued and part of a team enabling progression and development.

Complex Care Professionals believes everyone should have the opportunity to live their life as fully and independently as possible and that clients (when possible) have the choice to continue living in their own homes and illness and disability should not prevent this we are committed to supporting clients to continue to live in their own homes and community.


To become a leading provider of care in the healthcare sector whilst maintaining a high standard of care and compliance ensuring all our clients are at the forefront of our service to feel valued, respected, safe and listened to enabling them to live as independently as possible.

“simply putting people first”