Paul Irving, suffered a rare form of stroke.

Paul is a 56-year-old gentleman who suffered a rare form of stroke in 2021. As a result of this Paul was diagnosed with locked in syndrome leading to the requirement of a cuffed tracheostomy to maintain his airway.

Paul’s nutrition and hydration needs are all met via his PEG with regular mouthcare provided. Paul is unable to verbally communicate his needs and responds to questions by looking up for yes and down for no, Paul has the community Speech and Language Therapy team working with him and the care staff at Complex Care to build on his communication skills.  Paul experienced a long stay in hospital with his main goal to be cared for at home. At Complex Care Professionals we have supported Paul to make this happen and Paul now has 2-1 care 24 hours a day.

Since Paul has been discharged, he has received care from multiple community therapy teams including, District Nurses, Dietician, Neuro Rehab, Speech and language therapy, Occupational therapy, Community Physio to name a few all working in partnership with Nurses and care staff at Complex Care Professionals, to ensure Paul’s progression continues at home. Paul is a friendly gentleman who enjoys having a laugh and a joke with his care team. 

This picture is Paul in his new clothes ready to get out and about!